De Proefzaak

The tasting room of the monastry brewery in SouthEast

De Proefzaak is a place where people come together, to meet each other, to enjoy life… and enjoy our beers!

In the middle of the Amsterdam Southeast, between grey concrete office buildings, you’re able to find a green hangar surrounded by a bit of nature: a green oasis in a concrete jungle. It is here, where the only beer of the Bijlmer is brewed by Brewery Kleiburg. It is a real monastry beer, connected to the Kleiburg monastry.

You are very welcome to visit ‘De Proefzaak’, our tasting room next to the Brewery. Where you can taste our unique beers with a view on the brewery. 

Not just a brewery

The story began..

THE STORY BEGAN in the flat Kleiburg, a Bijlmer flat that would be demolished, but got a new lease of life as a ‘handy apartment’. In 2015 a small group of people settled here to live as a Christian community: the Clay Monastery. The monks dedicate themselves to a spiritual and hospitable life in the Bijlmer. In the monastery, people meet each other, eat and pray together, you can temporarily live if necessary. It is a space to catch your breath.


Old Traditions

The Clay Monks are inspired by the OLD CITY TRADITIONS in everything and cast them in a new light. In the past monasteries made the water drinkable by brewing beer. The sale provided for the livelihood. For example, Brouwerij Kleiburg wants to cover the costs of the Clay Monastery today.


Connect people

It is precisely in the anonymity of the big city that Clay Monastery and Kleiburg Brewery want the same: CONNECT PEOPLE by sharing life sustainably. As a Clay Monastery, we are proud to be able to brew and serve our own beer here in the Bijlmer. It may not be as necessary as before, but good monastery beer makes life more beautiful, just like paying attention to each other.

Welcome to De Proefzaak van Brouwerij Kleiburg, where people gather around beer and food. Let’s share and enjoy.




The name Kleiburg is more than just a beer brand: read about our story, the monastry and of course our unique craft beers. 


With good beers, you need good food. In our kitchen we find it very important to work with local and fair products. We serve great sandwiches, from hamburgers to grilled brie with cranberry or a pumpkin salad.


What is a beer tasting room without good snacks? A cheese platter or some dried sausages, typical dutch snacks or some fries: enjoy these bites next to your Kleiburg beer. 


Based on the unique taste of our different craft beers, we have carefully created our dinner menu. Find our entire menu here. 


Thank you for thinking of De Proefzaak to come to!

You are always welcome to visit us without any reservation, but you can also make a reservation (see button on the right) to be sure of a table. More than 10 people? Please write us an email:

Thanks & see you soon!

Good to know:

  • For lunch and dinner we only accept groups with a max of 14 people. This is due to our small kitchen and restaurant. When you come with a group of 10 – 14 people we will offer you a selection of the menu.
  • For drinks and bites we accept groups till 50 people. We’ll prepare some (standing-) tables so you can have a nice time enjoying our drinks and bites.
  • Filling in this form is only a request. We personally contact you by mail to inform you about your reservationrequest. Do you want to come within a few hours? Than its better to phone De Proefzaak to see if its possible or not to come. You can contact us by calling088 000 15 41

Opening hours

Monday: 11:00 – 18:00
Tuesday: 11:00 – 20:00
Wednesday: 11:00 – 20:00
Thursday: 11:00 – 23:00
Friday: 11:00 – 23:00
Saturday: Closed
Sunday: Closed

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